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TEAJA featured by Vancouver-based writer and photographer, Ariane Colenbrander

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Vancouver-based writer and photographer, Ariane Colenbrander, recently visited TEAJA Yaletown as part of her personal tea journey. 

TEAJA Tea Accessories

As with many new tea drinkers, it was the health benefits that originally attracted Ariane to discover the many varieties of teas and herbal blends. 

In her article, Ariane takes the reader through a tour of TEAJA's flagship store in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

She describes the tea cupping ceremony, led by TEAJA co-founder Austin Austin, which allows for the tasting of different teas to determine their quality, smell, taste and color.  Ariane also shares beautiful photos of her experience in the store and of the teas themselves. 

We are so grateful to be able to bring the beauty and benefits of tea to people through explorers like Ariane! 


Cupping Ceremony TEAJA Organic Vitality Blend

TEAJA Blossoming Tea

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