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Loose leaf versus tea bag? Here's the scoop

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You’ve no doubt noticed that tea is growing in popularity everyday, but why are so many people turning to loose leaf teas over the convenient tea bag option?

The reasons go well beyond aesthetics:

Camellia sinensis

Quality and Taste

While all tea comes from the Camellia sinensis bush, loose leaf teas are made from either the hand-picked buds, whole leaf or large pieces of leaves, or a combination of these.

On the contrary, tea bags are often filled with tea processing left-overs, low-grade broken bits called fannings, and less flavourful leaves found lower down on the tea bush. The highly mechanized process of tea bag production can further damages the leaves resulting in an inferior product. A higher premium is placed on standardization and price rather than the character profile and quality of the tea.

Because smaller pieces means greater surface area exposed to light and air, there is a faster loss of nutrients, anti-oxidants concentration and flavour. The quality of the tea depends on the structural integrity of the leaf, thus loose leaf teas have a superior aroma, taste, and greater health benefits.


Many people don’t realize that with loose leaf teas you are actually getting a higher quality product without the cost of industrial processing and packaging, so the cost per serving is generally lower than of a tea bag.


For the environmentally conscious, it should be noted that loose leaf tea is more sustainable than bagged tea because it eliminates excess packaging, industrial waste, and energy consumption.


So indulge in all that loose leaf tea has to offer, and be creative! Having a collection of loose leaf teas and herbs at home allows you to become your own blender and mix & match to suit your tastes.


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