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Teaja TeaBar

TEAJA TeaBars were created in response to the growing consumer demand for organic loose leaf teas and unique healthy beverages. Beautifully designed to reflect consumer values aligning with wellness, community and sustainability, TEAJA TeaBar offers a unique menu of signature organic tea drinks and classic favorites.
With a focus on quality and wellness, TEAJA TeaBar’s Signature Menu features:
  • A wide selection of 100% Organic loose leaf teas, served iced or hot
  • Signature Organic Ceremonial Matcha drinks
  • Signature carbonated, naturally sweetened iced teas
  • Signature tea lattes
  • Signature cold-pressed juice & tea blends
  • Signature tea and fruit meal-size smoothies
  • Organic coffee: espresso, lattes, americanos
  • Baked goods and savory snacks sourced from local suppliers